Computing as an academic subject has evolved rapidly over the years to reflect the ever-changing advancements in technology in modern society. This is precisely why Middleton Technology School now offers Computer Science as a GCSE qualification as oppose to ICT; giving a more complex and deeper study of all the facets of computers and how they work.

However, we at Middleton Technology School still recognise the importance of gaining functional skills in ICT to prepare students for the digital age we live in. This is why all Key Stage 3 students are registered on the Inspiring Digital Enterprise Award. All Year 7, 8 and 9 students will be allocated lesson time to navigate and complete the many bronze, silver and gold digital badges available; designed to give students knowledge, skills and understanding of the digital world. Upon successful completion of each badge, the student will be sent an awarding certificate directly from Buckingham Palace. Some Key Stage 3 students have already achieved this and have been sent a certificate. This will look great on their CV’s for any future job possibilities.

When students start Key Stage 4 they are welcome to complete badges in their own time, in order to show off their digital literacy skills if they have not already earnt their Awards in KS3.