Local Governing Committee

At Middleton Technology School, the Local Governing Committee is responsible for monitoring and reviewing the operational day-to-day running of the Academy. The Clerk for the Local Governing Committee is Hannah Abbott. To contact the Chair of Governors please email the Clerk on habbott@gaet.co.uk

Local Governing Committee

Governor NameGovernor TypeDate of AppointmentDate Term EndsAppointed by
Joanne Draper (Chair)Trustee Governor15/10/201915/10/2027Trustees
Barbara Waters (Vice Chair)Trustee Governor25/09/201925/09/2027Trustees
Christine BattisonParent Governor02/02/202102/02/2025Parents
Robert DugdillParent Governor31/10/202331/10/2027Parents
Michael SherrattTrustee Governor25/09/201925/09/2027Trustees
(Vacancy)Trustee GovernorTrustees
Tom BrookesTrustee Governor10/10/202210/10/2026Trustees
Osian StrelloStaff Governor02/02/202102/02/2025Staff
Neil PalmerStaff Governor01/01/201810/03/2026Staff

Historical Governors (left in the last 12 months)

Governor NameGovernor TypeDate of
Date Term EndsAppointed by
Jill MicallefParent Governor01/09/202222/09/2023Parents
John RobinsonTrustee Governor10/10/202228/04/2023Trustees

Middleton Technology School LGC meeting attendance in 2022/2023

Governor NameAttended meetingsPossible meetingsPercentage attended
Joanne Draper (Chair)5683.33%
Barbara Waters (Vice Chair)66100%
Christine Battison5683.33%
Tom Brookes55100%
Jill Micallef2633.33%
Neil Palmer66100%
John Robinson55100%
Mike Sherratt2633.33%
Osian Strello66100%

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests 2023/2024

Governor Name Position Held Nature of Business Business Entity Role within the Interest Date of Declaration
Joanne DraperTrustee Governor (Chair)Junior SportChadderton FCJunior Section- Chair/
Barbara Waters Trustee Governor (Vice Chair)Business or financeTextile InstituteCommittee Member & Chair13/11/2023
Business or financeChartered Institute of MarketingMember (FCIM Chartered Marketer)13/11/2023
Business or financeUniversity of ManchesterEmployee13/11/2023
Business or financeASBCI (Association of Suppliers to the British Clothing Industry)Director and Chair of the Student Committee13/11/2023
Christine BattisonParent GovernorNone declared None declared None declared 12/10/2023
Tom BrookesTrustee GovernorNone declared None declared None declared 14/10/2023
Rob DugdillParent GovernorNone declared None declared None declared 12/09/2023
Michael Sherratt Trustee GovernorNone declared None declared None declared 08/09/2022
Neil PalmerStaff GovernorNone declaredNone declaredNone declared13/10/2023
Osian StrelloStaff GovernorNone declaredNone declaredNone declared05/12/2023
Janine KellettPrincipalEducationTrusteeKingsway Park Learning Trust04/10/2023

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