Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests 2021

Name of Member / Director Office Held at GAET Nature of Business Business Entity Role within the Interest Date of register entry
 Trust Board & Members     
Mike O’HareMemberEducationHollin Primary School, RochdaleGovernor02.12.2021
Richard ThompsonMemberNo business interest declared19.11.2021
Annette HallMember & DirectorEducationRodillian Multi Academy TrustChair of the Trust Board06/10/2021
Paul Jones*Chair and DirectorGovernment Commercial OfficeCabinet OfficeWorking on contracts for the DfE and other CG15.10.2021
Paul BroderickDirectorEducation RecruitmentThe Classroom Partnership CEO & Shareholder15.10.2021
Chris BowesDirector No business interest declared 26.10.2021
Stephen Griffiths*  Director No business interest declared 19.10.2021
Barbara DaykinDirectorEducation Olive Tree Primary SchoolTrust Member07.10.2021
Khalida Kay*Director No business interest declared 08.10.2021
Frank Norris*DirectorEducation Consultancy  Philredom Ltd Wife is a Director05.10.2021
  EducationLiverpool Education BoardVice Chair on the Board05.10.2021
  EducationCo-Op GroupAdvisor on Education and School Matters05.10.2021
  EducationSchool Improvement BoardIndependent Chair05.10.2021
  AdvisorNorthern Powerhouse PartnershipSeconded by the Co-Op to act as the NPP’s Education Advisor05.10.2021
  Advisory BoardInnovateHerUnpaid Member05.10.2021
Catherine Sullivan-WilliamsDirector No business interest declared 05.10.2021
Executive Officers
Brendan Loughran*CEO and Accounting OfficerGreat Academies Education TrustEducationChief Executive08.10.2021
Lucy Bowman*Director of Finance and EstatesGreat Academies Education Trust Employed23.09.2021
  ICAEW Membership23.09.2021
Phil SmithDirector of Education Great Academies Education Trust Employed 12.10.2021

* Member of the Finance and Resources Committee